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  Huawei Optimization Tournament


HOT 2022 • Round 2

Algotester together with Huawei announces the Huawei Optimization Tournament 2022! The tournament consists of three rounds approximately one week long each. In every round, individual participants will face a single optimization problem and the top performers will be awarded cash prizes. When all rounds are over, the tournament winners will be determined based on the scoring system. The top four of them will receive grand tournament prizes:

  • 🥇 Winner: $4000
  • 🥈 Runner-up: $2000
  • 🥉 Third Place: $1000
  • 🏅 Forth Place: $500

The Round 2 is schedulled for October 1-9 with the following cash prizes:

  • Winner: $1500
  • Runner-up: $750
  • Third Place: $500
  • Forth Place: $400
  • Fifth Place: $300
  • 6th-10th Place: $200

How to compete in Round 2

  1. If you don't have an account at Algotester, go ahead and create one.
  2. Sign in using your username (or email address) and password.
  3. If you are new to Algotester go through our Help section to understand how the system works.
  4. Follow this link to register for Round 2.
  5. When the round starts read the problem description.
  6. For a quick start, check sample solutions for available programming languages: C++, Java, C#, and Python.
  7. When ready submit your source code file or paste it into the embedded editor.
  8. All your attempts will be available on your contest submissions page. Clicking on a blue play icon will launch the visualizer tool for the corresponding solution.
  9. For announcements and Q&A go to the contest clarification page or use the contact form.

Round Ranking

  1. The provisional competitor standings will be available to the public on the contest standings page.
  2. Read the problem description "Scoring" section for details on your submission evaluation.
  3. At your submissions page click a "Submission ID" link on the right and then go to the "Results" tab to see its details for each of the test cases.
  4. A test case result "Accepted" means that your solution has produced a valid output for this test case and received a corresponding score value, otherwise it failed to produce a valid solution within the given constraints.
  5. Your overall result is the maximum score of all your submissions and your penalty is the time elapsed since the contest start until you have recently improved your score.
  6. All competitors are sorted by the overall score (from larger to smaller) and then by the penalty time (from smaller to larger).
  7. When the contest is over the final testing will be triggered.
  8. The final results will be published within a week after the round end.

Round Prizes

When the final results are published the top ten eligible competitors can claim their prizes. To receive a prize, a winner has to provide a written report describing algorithms and data structures used in their solution. A notification email with detailed instructions will be sent to each of the winners.


About Algotester

Algotester is a modern platform for organizing competitive programming events. We host regular algorithmic contests for both students and professionals. The website contains a large problem archive with tasks of various difficulties that can be used to learn algorithms and practice coding. Algotester supports ICPC-style contests, as well as IOI and marathon-like optimization challenges.

Previous Competitions

HOT 2022 Round 1: LeaderboardSchoolUniversityProfessional

The 2021 tournament details and results are available on HOT 2021 event page.

Past optimization problems are available in practice mode, so you can practice before or during HOT 2022. For each problem, there is a separate scoreboard. Good luck and have fun!

Tournament Standings

1 Nika Jimsheleishvili Professional 25
2 Rafaël Bocquet Professional 18
3 Max Kovalchuk University 15
4 Davide Bartoli University 12
5 Lucian Bicsi University 10
6 Kostiantyn Lutsenko University 8
7 Богдан Пастущак Professional 6
8 Roman Bilyi Professional 4
9 Taras Savitskyi Professional 2
10 Роман Деркач Professional 1

Tournament Scoring and Prizes

  1. For each round top 10 competitors with positive score will receive tournament points according to the following distribution:
    • 1-st place: 25 points
    • 2-nd place: 18 points
    • 3-rd place: 15 points
    • 4-th place: 12 points
    • 5-th place: 10 points
    • 6-th place: 8 points
    • 7-th place: 6 points
    • 8-th place: 4 points
    • 9-th place: 2 points
    • 10-th place: 1 point
  2. The final tournament leaderboard will be determined based on a participant's total points.
  3. If two or more participants have the same number of points, a tie-breaker system is used. The one with the most wins is ranked higher. If the number of wins is the same, it goes to the one with the most second places and so on.
  4. To receive a tournament prize, upon request, a winner has to provide organizers with a short video for marketing purposes.
  5. Emails with detailed instructions will be sent to tournament prize winners.

Terms and Conditions

HOT 2022 Round 2 Terms and Conditions are available here.