Algotester Platform

Algotester is the first in Ukraine modern online judge platform for competitive programming with educational content available to the public. The main activities of the platform team are listed below.

  • Traditional IOI and ICPC competitions. For example, hosting of regional IOI stages as well as student contests of local universities. The archive on the website contains almost 1000 unique algorithmic problems available 24/7 for everyone to practice.
  • Unusual and optimization contests. Such as few-week-long marathons with one optimization problem to solve or interesting and practical Playful Contests.
  • Preparation for competitions. Including selection and training of local IOI teams and student ICPC teams. Among our international achievements, there are Silver and Bronze IOI medals as well as Gold and Bronze ICPC medals at World Finals.
  • Educational content. Our video lectures in Ukrainian connected with corresponding archive problems allow both beginners and experienced programmers to learn and practice algorithms remotely.

Interested in learning more? Visit our landing page and join our channels on Youtube, Telegram, and Twitter as well as our Facebook page.

Charitable Organization

Fond Rozvytku Prohramuvannia "Nova Era" is a non-profit charitable organization registered in Ukraine under USREOU code 36873586, which operates and develops the Algotester platform. More details are available here or here. The main goals are:

  • raising awareness and popularization of algorithmic and competitive programming in Ukraine;
  • hosting and organization of dedicated events, e.g. competitions, tournaments, seminars, meetings, training camps, etc.;
  • publishing and distribution of related content including algorithmic problems, analysis, articles, video lectures, and courses.

Regarding possible cooperation options, please send an email to [email protected] or use our contact form.